" Great CNA program! Tony and Portia and other clinical instructors are great. They are always willing to help and advise you. Very quick at responding(email/phone). The State Exam will be easy, if you attend their program especially since PASS Institute is a testing site for the State Exam."- Attiea B  3/5/2018

Thank you, God for PASS Institute! I am so grateful to be able to take this challenge in learning and developing the skills and knowledge of becoming a CNA. It was a great learning experience. I really appreciate Portia and Tony for shring their expertise and passion in the healthcare field." - Rosie M  3/2/208

An excellent school to pursue health care related career. The instructors are professional, caring and supportive to all the students. A fantastic school and the greatest people working in the medical field in my opinion. " - Pauline E.  2/27/2018

Portia and Tony are amazing instructors. My experience with PASS Institute was amazing, very dedicated and focused. They are tough but at the same time it helps to prepare yourself. - Shimral K.  2/26/2018



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